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Latest from the Blog

An Adventure into Lady Porn By a Non-Porn Watcher

A journalistic expedition into female-only porn conducted by yet another female who has never seen porn (and frankly has no idea what she’s doing). Hello there reader! What a delight to see you again- is that a new haircut? We really must stop running into each other like this. In a complete departure from the…

Notes on Ownership

Can I ever have full ownership over my sexuality? A homecoming exploration about changing bodies, “Promising Young Woman” and the horrors of being in your prime. Welcome back, my dwindling readership! You all look ravishing from here. Simply thrilled to be back, but you clicked on this queer sex blog, so enough small talk- let’s…

Hometown Gloryhole: An Outfit Diary From The Edge (of Tasmania)

I documented my outfits for a week while I visited my small hometown for the first time in a year, post- COVID. 9:32pm (the night before leaving for Tasmania): Welcome back dear reader! Oh, how I’ve missed you and your weird little head. Just a heads up, this piece isn’t really about sex. OR IS…

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